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Track Name: Angelica - Green ol' Frog
Angelica - Green Ole Frog

you’re a green ole frog
you’re a high-jumping frog
in four rivers of peas
may you wade

you’re the elbow off
the lamb sy lost
the whole muff
the blue and the gray

lonely hearts drink glue
for the road, wide Anne drew
and there’s never
a boat to drag

should dull aquatic
bees forget
keep your eye on
that green ole frog.
Track Name: Angelica - Tinkie Winkie Little Star
Angelica - Tinkie Winkie Little Star

Tinkie Winkie little star
Howie wonders what chew are

Upper buzz and whirling high
Like a dime and in the sky

Inkie Blinkie little star
Heidi wanders in her car
Track Name: Angelica - Clemmy-Time
Angelica - Clemmy-Time

oh my dolly
oh my dolly
oh my dolly
clemmy time

you are broke
and glued together
fred is sorry
clemmy time